Octavia, Pennington

This is the club to attend. The lesson is structured well with clear objectives to each section. I love that your own past experience doesn’t need to matter but it can. If you’ve never really done any fitness, self defence, or martial arts it doesn’t matter. There’s something to be learned no matter your skill level. Also a great fitness class with a lot of focus on the entire body with a good cardio warm up and then a whole body workout all whilst learning realistic methods of self defence.

Very able instructor who obviously cares a lot about the club, the students and the result. Very professional but with an honest, open feel. Family run, there is a fun and humorous edge to every lesson. David takes the time to assess each element with each individual to ensure their learning and safety, that extends outside the club as he is always available to talk to and question.

Overall I think if you are looking to improve your fitness, learn to defend yourself or even if you’re not you should go to a session and see what it’s all about. Octavia, Pennington